domingo, 15 de junio de 2014

Tortsaur sketch

A concept that I did for a project in progress


 My sencond entry for the kaiju contest form Helpful bear productions :D

This giant serpent kaiju attacks by inmobilizing his enemies using his body and crushing them with his three jaws. The first jaw looks like a external membrane that catch his enemies and place them on his other two jaws, that are in his mouth.
He never eats his enemies. He spits them with enough power to destroy some buildings.
Niburum only attacks for fun. Though he rarely attacks, is known to be very unpredictable and intelligent.  Even if he has to move out of the water, he will find the way to do it properly.

sábado, 14 de junio de 2014

Project in progress >;)

A webcomic in which I'm working


It can also interest you: Illstration  concept art

Kenny Ruiz organized a contest in 2013 that consisted in design a character for Dos Espadas 3. The winner, will be in the comic.
I didn't won, but I had a great time doing the concept and some comic pages to present my character (eem, sorry they are only in spanish)

Dino warriors!

Dynamic pose II

Expresions I

Expression studies of some of the characters I've design

Dynamic pose

This one are from Zuri, a character of a project I'm preparing

Urban culture

"Choni poligonera!



Hip hop



Tropical goblins :D

More concept design!

This one was for a homework that consisted to draw teachers and students of the university where I study, considering a story line that our teacher told us.